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How can we imagine what our lives should be without the illumination of the lives of others? – James Salter


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Caroline is a collaborative storyteller working via video, photography and text in NYC. Her work is rooted in non-fiction portraits of the universal human stuff, focusing ever more on documentary film. Her recent online project, Throwback Diary ("The Story of a Life, Told One Diary Entry a Week"), was a year-long exploration of a life told through 25 years of personal writing. In a previous version of herself, she ran around Italy acting in movies. She trained at Duke University, The National Theater Institute, International Center of Photography, and Manhattan Edit Workshop.  She currently serves as a judge and mentor for ic0-D Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) for photographers and video editors.

INTERVIEWS: Nótt Magazine "The Current Story of My Past," Our Womanhood "Using Personal Projects to Disrupt the Status Quo."

Listen to the Moth story about creating Throwback Diary.  It won the evening!  The theme for the night was "Lost and Found."  The rules of The Moth are to tell a story on theme, in less than five minutes, without notes.