Caroline Kessler
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Corporate documentary content

Corporate Documentary Video

IWL & Morgan Stanley

writer, editor, motion graphics


The ITALIAN WELFARE LEAGUE (IWL) video was the opportunity to elevate corporate storytelling to something more stylized and documentary than Morgan Stanley would typically produce. From interviews, verité footage, and images from the non-profit, I crafted a story that highlights the Morgan Stanley employee’s volunteer efforts, while letting the honesty of Noah’s story and the mission of the IWL be the star.

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Special Olympics & Bank of America

writer, editor


The SPECIAL OLYMPICS WORLD GAMES partnership video was unlike anything Bank of America had previously done in-house, and I was specifically brought in for my documentary experience. Since the torch was being followed over the entire country, footage was arriving until the final moment before the video was due at a national conference. I was able to manage the ever-growing media, and find a place where the heart of the Special Olympics and the corporate branding of Bank of America could meet.

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PWC internship recruitment



PWC wanted to reach a larger applicant pool for their internship program. Current interns were interviewed on the first and last day of their assignment, as well as given home video cameras to record diaries. The final product is a very earnest look at the program by individuals that high school students would find most relatable: themselves.


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