Caroline Kessler
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Sam Adams

 Sam Adams, national commercials

Sam Adams “Octoberfest,” Imagine,” and “Alpine Springs” national commercials

Sam Adams + Weihenstephan product launch documentary

writer, editor


Sam Adams/ Boston Beer Company was my introduction to unscripted commercial messaging (though a detailed outline was always in place, and bytes were catered to that end.)

I tried pushing the format, exploring beers and processes Boston Beer Company did not normally promote. One of these efforts– a :30 spot on where they source their honey– tested in the top quintile of ‘Link’ Millward Brown testing. It was ultimately decided too “niche” for national airing.


“The Challenge.” My push towards more verite storytelling, created the opportunity to propose a short documentary on the collaboration between Boston Beer Company and Weihenstephan. After seeing the initial cut, the client allowed me to continue with a four-part series for their website. It was used as a promotional teaser for the new beer.

It was my first foray into writing and editing true documentary, and I was hooked.