Caroline Kessler
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Health and Wellness startups

Health & Wellness Startups


editor, talent


INSCAPE wanted to differentiate itself from other meditation platforms, by highlight a new feature in the second release of the app. Content was now recommended based on what time of day it was, and what it expected your routine to be at that time.

This video shows how the time-aware content can seamlessly mix into your day, no matter the time or place, encouraging users to open the app more frequently.

And yes, it’s another example of bringing my performance background into a larger involvement. It helps to be multi-disciplinary when budgets are low. :)



WILL: Well-being Initiative for Learning and Living


copywriter, director, videographer, editor, voice over talent

WILL aims to re-invent how we take control of our own healthcare. This was one of my first jack-of-all-trades jobs: I was given an outline of the program and had free creative control (and all responsibility) over the script, casting, filming, VO, and editing.