Caroline Kessler
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BRAVE GENTLEMAN documentary & content

 Brave gentleman, brand documentary & content

videography / editing / titles

videography / editing / graphics. photography by @engers

videography / editing / titles

BRAVE GENTLEMAN BRAND DOCUMENTARY. Brave GentleMan was launched by Joshua Katcher in 2010 as the first vegan, luxury menswear line. This short documentary details Katcher's path as animal activist, to the founder and designer of this iconic brand– worn by the likes of Alan Cumming, Miley Cyrus, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Brand culture, founder profile, and product line.


BRAVE GENTLEMAN PRODUCT LAUNCH. This video helped launch Brave GentleMan’s newest product: bamboo suits. With verité behind-the-scenes footage, I was able to show the details and quality of the garments, as well as portray Katcher’s unique dedication and passion for his work. Motion graphics were used to detail the unique compositions of each garment. The video was used for online and social promotions.


BRAVE GENTLEMAN TEASER. A teaser for the Brave GentleMan brand documentary. I created teasers in various lengths and aspect rations, to cover all social platforms so he could be fully cross-promotional.