Caroline Kessler
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GOOD OL GIRL, feature documentary


feature documentary in post-production

stills from rough cut of Act 1

SCENE: Our introduction to Lemoine, and a family dynamic that will fuel her story. From the rough cut of Act 1.


GOOD OL GIRL Tells the very personal stories of three female ranch managers in Texas, trying to make their mark in the male-dominated "Good Ol Boy" culture. Verite storytelling culled from over 70 hours, and several years, of filming.

Directed by Sarah Brennan Kolb. A Tal Vez production. Previewed at the SIFF Works in Progress Documentary session. Currently in post-production.

SCENE: An action sequence, capturing the real danger (and bad-assery) of Mandy's role as ranch manager. From the rough cut of act 1.